Part-Time Instructor - Educational Talent Search (Grant Funded)

Position Information

Position Information (Default Section)

Job Title Part-Time Instructor - Educational Talent Search (Grant Funded)
Job Number 03265
Department Pre-College Programs
Job Category Professional
Job Type Part-Time
Status Grant Funded
Job Open Date 05/05/2017
Resume Review Date 05/19/2017
Closing Date
Open Until Filled Yes
Position Summary

The instructor position exists to provide direct services to Educational Talent Search program participants as outlined in the Talent Search grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The approved grant proposal stipulates that the program will provide services during the academic year and summer for target program students enrolled in the Dayton Public School system at Belmont, Dunbar, and Meadowdale high schools and their feeder middle schools. The instructor is responsible for providing tutoring and rendering instruction, assisting with college preparation initiatives and cultural enrichment activities, conducting workshops, and monitoring academic performance for student success. This is a grant-funded position contingent upon the supporting funding.

Principal Accountabilities


  • Provide strong student advocacy and customer service demonstrated through a positive attitude of approachability, adaptability, strong problem solving, and desire to identify and support student success.
  • Engage in behaviors that encourage student learning and create an inclusive environment in which all people are valued and supported.
  • Attempt to consistently identify the root cause(s) of student problems, questions, or issues and solve them as quickly, thoroughly, and professionally as possible.


  • Provide academic instruction aligned with prescribed curricula and learning standards in classroom, workshop, and laboratory settings.
  • Develop syllabi and lesson plans, draft and administer tests, grade assignments, evaluate student performance, and disseminate grades.
  • Outline classroom, workshop, and lab structure, policies, and procedures and proper use of course materials and resources.
  • Differentiate instruction to accommodate varied learning styles and abilities of program participants.
  • Monitor student behavior and employ effective classroom management and disciplinary best practices.
  • Provide tutoring for individual students and small groups.
  • Interpret rules, definitions, formulas, methods and usage, etc. to help empower students to complete assignments.
  • Assist students with developing effective study skills and habits and leveraging study aids.
  • Provide clear and consistent feedback on student academic performance.
  • Make recommendations for student improvement as needed and aid in corrective action plan implementation.
  • Support creative and experiential learning both in and out of the traditional classroom setting.
  • Consult with program staff and aid other instructors as needed to facilitate learning and accomplish program objectives.
  • Assist with college preparation initiatives and help foster holistic student development.
  • Chaperone cultural enrichment excursions, college tours, and other program activities and field trips.


  • Track student attendance and submit daily instructor/tutor sheet and other reports
  • Prepare and submit evaluations and assessments for students served.
  • Maintain accurate records and keep confidential student data secure
  • Manage key correspondence between stakeholders
  • Attend staff meetings, orientations, and trainings as scheduled and assigned by Project Director, Program Coordinator/Advisors and other program staff.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Education in one of the following areas required: English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics (including Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, & Statistics), Science (including Biology, Chemistry, & Physics), or Social Studies; Licensure and/or certification in content area preferred
  • Previous teaching and tutoring experience preferred
  • Demonstrated understanding of the needs of students from disadvantaged, low income, and underrepresented backgrounds
  • Ability to recognize and analyze problems and problem solve accordingly
  • Intrinsic motivation, strong work ethic, willingness to take initiative, and excellent organizational skills

Supplemental Questions

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  1. Do you have a minimum of a Bachelor’s level degree in Education in one of the following areas: English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics (including Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, & Statistics), Science (including Biology, Chemistry, & Physics), or Social Studies?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Do you have previous experience teaching and/or tutoring?
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